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LaTFURE Online Platform (Mozambique)

LaTFURE – Learning and Teaching Tools Fuelling University Relations with the Economy in Mozambique and South Africa. More information:

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All materials of the LaTFURE Online Training on dual higher education are available HERE

This platform has been set up as “software-as-service” by the coordinating institution of LaTFURE, Danube University Krems.

To manage collaboration and content, please contact the LaTFURE National Coordinator for Mozambique:

Patricio V. Langa

Eduardo Mondlane University, Maputo, Mozambique


Dual studies as an integral part of South Africa‘s and Mozambique‘s higher education Systems.

Four dual study programmes will be established: two programmes in South Africa and two programmes in Mozambique.

Erasmus+ CBHE project 2016 – 2020 The objective will be achieved by 34 activities which are thematically organised in nine workshops.